20 January, 2020 - Monday
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THE movieDB 3.2 : : Pe.phpnal Collection - Extended

I have created this application for those movie lovers who manage their own pe.phpnal collection of movies.

During college days I had a collection of more than 100 movies. But.phpmehow, unfortunately, I lost them. Now, I don't had any listing of those favorite movies of mine. A.php, one problem that I faced when I had them was that it was very unmanageable. I never remembered which DVD contains what movie. So, I decided that.phpmeday I will make an online application where movie lovers can manage their pe.phpnal collection. So that if.phpmeone lost their collection unfortunately, like me, can check what collection they had and can get them again back.

Here you can enter the details of movies that you have. Manage them. A.php, you can download the list of movies whose details you have created and share with your family, friends and relatives.

Thanks for visiting. Wish you a great day ahead!

Nitesh Apte